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The P1 Difference

Residential home service business expertise.

With over 130 years of combined residential home service business experience, our team of experts is ready to help you and your team take the next step.

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A continuous wheel

Placing people first creates a wheel that benefits our partners, team members, clients and all of their futures.


We believe that financial results are a byproduct of supporting people, which is why we invest heavily in benefits for team members, going above and beyond the norm. We support our team members with perks and opportunities that support their mind, body and financial goals.
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We understand the value of the experience our partners have, which is why we believe in collaboration, not dictation. Our leadership consists of sophisticated, experienced contractors, and we tap into and share ideas from other market area leaders.


We have a wealth of proven experience to support your business. Our people-first strategies and result-verified resources are designed to help elevate your company to the next level.

The people behind “People First”

 P1 is run by experienced and highly successful contractors and business professionals that share the same vision of helping market area leaders in the home service industry. 

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Spread the word

We believe that marketing is an important tool to bring our shared mission to more people. When you partner with us, we offer experience and resources within the areas of marketing strategy, market research, budgeting, forecasting, investment analysis, media purchasing, digital marketing, direct response marketing, and social media.

Hire the best to provide the best

We help our partners achieve their recruitment goals through a range of strategic direction and training, including guidance in hiring skilled staff recruiters, comprehensive training for the entire recruitment team, and implementation of strong vetting practices, policies, and procedures. Our approach to in-house training and investment in the entire team gives us a competitive advantage and the ability to surpass expectations.

Technology supports our people

We offer expertise in multiple areas of technology to help keep our partner businesses running smoothly. We are Service Titan super users and offer I.T. & cyber security and protection, data analysis, phone system integration, and an integration specialist to make sure all of your technology works together as seamlessly as possible.

Acquire new opportunities

Our dedicated tuck-in team has a proven strategy for acquisitions that finds the best local opportunities for growth. We work to make the process streamlined, collaborative, and profitable. Our due diligence and thoughtful process has led to success and growth for our partner businesses.

Professional on-site training

Industry-leading training by our coaches and trainers in the areas of sales, operations, and management helps our partner businesses grow their talent from within.

Plus, with trainer coaching, mentorship, and best practices for streamlining processes and implementation, we believe training is a foundational component to putting people first and creating lasting growth.

Dial in call center operations

Elevate your client experience with immediate results in conversion and retention with coaching from our best-in-class call center experts.

From training on maximum capacity and outbounding to support with script writing, IVR, Phones Pro, after-hours solutions, and more, we’re here to help.

Improve financial processes

We provide support to our partners in the areas of financial analysis, growth strategizing, KPIs, cash flow forecasting, trend evaluation/analysis, and budgeting. We also look for potential savings for our partners through group buying and offer support and mentorship at the market area leader level.


We believe in keeping the personal brand and mission of each business we partner with to preserve the legacy you’ve built. We only acquire businesses that believe in our mission.
Overhead photo of Team working together
P1 Employee explaining services to customer


We believe in partnering with best-in-class businesses, and our offers reflect that. We encourage owners to invest alongside us in P1.

Is your business a good fit for P1?

Not all businesses will fit the mold of a P1 company. Many other businesses have different goals. At P1, we believe in People First and think that growth and profits come as a result of creating a healthy business.

$10-100 million

We are seeking partnerships with businesses that do $10-100 million in revenue annually.

Residential services

We work with residential service companies that provide HVAC, plumbing, electrical and/or related services.

People-first mentality

Most importantly, we are seeking to partner with other businesses that share our vision to put people above all else.
Our people-first approach will enhance lives as well as form a sound foundation for success. We look forward to partnering with you.